Friday, February 12, 2010

February Craziness

So in my desire to be productive, perhaps I have loaded my plate a little *too* full!  I'm trying really hard to focus on school, but am feeling the tug in several other directions...  there's the college group at church, that we're really trying to promote and build, there's being a mommy to my baby, and a wife, and sporadically cleaning my house (thank heavens my husband is such a good helper - he cleans way more than I do!), being a mom/friend/sister person to our college student, adding an endorsement to my teaching certificate, and trying to have some sort of social life... and write a blog, because I really want to write and this is about the only way I can do it right now!

Maybe my problem is that I have too many ideas.  For instance, as I'm sitting here typing this blog I had an idea for a short story blog - where I add a litte bit to the story each day.  How much fun would that be? 

I'm having some stress at work - not anything HUGE but I'm struggling with classroom management, and it's just the wrong point of the year to start over... and I'm needing to add in more questioning "research based" techniques.  I did, however, find a great training opportunity that my school is willing to send me to that is going to cover socratic questioning techniques!  I'm actually really excited, and the best part is that it's the Friday before spring break!  I'm also having difficulty figuring out when exactly I'm supposed to find all this extra time... a girl I work with gets up at 3 am to get her papers and plans done - she's got two girls, one who's 4 and one who's 2 ... but I already don't go to bed until 11, and I'm just not sure I could function on 4 hours of sleep.  I might fall asleep on my way to work!  Of course, my friend has coffee flowing intravenously through her, so that could be what's keeping her awake.  :-P

Productivity level today: so-so... I made an adorable card for my secret pal, and almost all my students finished their projects in class today.  Plus, I wrote here!  I also got to spend some snuggle time with Maddie while she watched Elmo in Grouchland, which warmed my heart to the core.  :-D  Now that I think about it, I think I'll change my productivity level to medium-high... if I can get the layout figured out on here it'll be a high!

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  1. I know the feeling! Trying to be productive in all areas usually leads to decreased productivity in most areas for me :). I started our blog to keep family connected, but I don't know how many still read it, so now it's my place to write too.